A Day On Melrose


There are three things my Grandma Jane taught me as a young girl: how to paint my nails, how to drink coffee, and how to hunt for antiques like a pro. You can imagine the mixture of smells her house gave off whenever I’d come to stay with her for a long weekend. Yet, it’s childhood memories like these that have carried over into my adult life, traits that I find myself doing more and more on a regular basis.

I spent the afternoon dodging Sunday football by focusing on the latter two of those traits, kicking things off by indulging in a big cup of coffee paired with a chocolate croissant. My escape afterwards? A day on Melrose. No, I’m not talking about the one out in Los Angeles, but rather, the one nestled right here in the heart of downtown Phoenix.


Sprinkled all throughout this eclectic district are consignment shops and handmade boutiques galore, including my absolute favorite, Cleo and Clementine, as highlighted here.

I decided to switch things up this weekend and explore the hidden treasures of Modern on Melrose, making it my mission to find some unique desk decor and, let me tell you, unique desk decor I did find, along with just about everything else in there.

Although I didn’t walk out with that fan lamp or funky cheetah couch (give it some time), I did happen to snag the vintage stack of typewriter notes, as well as the ornate silver bowl, which is perfect for all those little knick knacks! Let’s just say, my Grandma Jane would be proud.


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