Apple Cookies


Very rarely do I succeed in a Pinterest project.

It doesn’t matter how simple the instructions are, I somehow manage to completely annihilate whatever it is I’m working on. Clearly I’m not alone in this struggle. My losing streak finally came to an end the other day when I came across this seemingly easy recipe online. However, I was not about to get my hopes up until I could actually count all ten fingers afterwards.

Not only were each of them perfectly in tact, but I also discovered a healthy new snack that is all sorts of delicious! I added a couple of my own touches, which I realized was very bold of me, but just follow my steps and I promise you’ll be the master of melted crayon art before you can even say “Crayola”. Alright, just kidding. Let’s not get too ambitious here:


1 Fuji apple

2 tablespoons of honey almond butter

Handful of granola

1/4 cup of coconut chips

Dash of cinnamon


Remove core and slice apple into thin rings.

Spread almond butter to the edges of the rings. 

Top with granola, coconut chips, and a dash of cinnamon.






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