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Ever since I moved to Arizona, I’ve been keeping a running list of places to visit.

One of them happened to be Tucson. This two-hour jaunt south is something I had been wanting to do for quite awhile and the other weekend, I finally had the opportunity to cross it off. I’ll let you take a wild guess as to what my favorite stop was, aside from Exo Roast. Bingo! It was a boutique.

By this point, it’s common knowledge I’m a shopaholic, but Avenue Boutique was far different from the other stores I’ve moseyed through in my day. It exudes a personality all its own and you can feel it right as you walk through the mosaic tiled entryway.

Front Table

It starts with the designer and owner, Alexis Mosij. She greeted me with the most genuine, energetic smiles I’ve come across and that passion plays a huge role in her widely unique collection. The clothing that’s offered has my name written all over it (I’m still haunted by  that hat I left behind), but it’s the trinkets sprinkled throughout the store that truly stunned me.

Towards the back, there’s a large table dedicated to Alexis’ dainty, handmade jewelry, as well as a few authentic Native American pieces. Being the accessory nut that I am, I obviously had to leave with a souvenir for myself. Just beyond that are a couple other tables adorned with metal hair pieces, wood carved tableware, leather goods, fur-lined clutches, scented candles, and vintage stationary. Oh, and did I mention the halogen lightbulbs hanging from the weathered ceiling beams? It was all too perfect.

It’s clear that these were not just your typical displays. These were a curation of one-of-a-kind artifacts, each item carefully selected and waiting to be placed into the right hands. Well, today is your lucky day because Alexis and I would like to give a reader the chance to take home one of these special little somethings. ‘Tis the season, right? All you need to do is repost the picture from my Instagram, use the hashtag #AvenueBoutiqueTucson, and then hop on over to follow Avenue Boutique. The winner will receive a half moon ring, which will be announced on Friday, December 5th.

A very big thank you to Avenue Boutique for supporting this post!

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  1. alexis said

    Thanks so much for the kind words and lovely photos, Megan! So nice having you come by the shop! Come visit again soon!


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