Blogger’s Bash


“Do you want to play pretend?”

Growing up as a little girl, that was always the question top of mind. I’d hop onto my bike, peddle down the street to my friend’s house, knock on her front door, and out it would come. Without any hesitation, the two of us would run downstairs and gather up just about anything that could help fabricate our make-believe world. Some days, we were wealthy ranchers training our award-winning horses for the next big race, while other days we’d be princess sisters living in a castle high above a hill. Each year, typically around the holidays, Cleo and Clementine takes these fantasies and turns them into realities.

A Blogger's Bash 1

Last month, I teamed up with two fellow bloggers here in the valley to showcase some of the latest designs in Monique’s whimsical collection. Like any good fairytale, there were sequins; lots and lots of sequins. Believe it or not, there were even crowns involved. The three of us were pampered with makeup and hair, adorned with the most lovely of floral arrangements, and throughout the entire afternoon, we sipped champagne and nibbled on sweet treats. The only thing we were missing was a knight in shining armor!

When you’re given an opportunity like this to “play pretend”, magical things happen. People let go and start having fun. Those burdens we all carry around with us, day in and day out, just seem to disappear, even if it’s only for a day. Sharing one of these rare moments with such wonderful, like-minded people is something I’ll always cherish. Brad, you were beyond brilliant to watch behind the camera.

With all that being said, I’d like to extend a very big thank you to the rest of the individuals who brought this all to life!

Models/Stylists: Megan Stiles, Katie KeytSakura Considine Makeup/Hair: Stephanie Neiheisel Floral Arrangements: Malori Maeva

Designer: Monique Sandoval Photos: Brad Olson

A Blogger's Bash 6
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