Brewery Bucket List

Forbidden Root

If you can’t tell from my Instagram, Andrew and I are big beer fans.

So much so that we’ve gone out of our way to “craft” a Chicago brewery bucket list, no pun intended. Not only does this give us a great excuse to day drink, snack on delicious pub fare, and hang out with dogs all afternoon, but we also get to explore different neighborhoods around the city. From the quiet streets of Evanston to the colorful murals of Pilsen, here are just a few of our favorite spots. Next up for us will be Whiner and Moody Tongue.

I’m curious, what are some of your go-to spots? Cheers!


Spiteful Brewing 


Burn ‘Em Brewing 

Half Acre // Revelry Brewing Co.

El Bait Shop


Great Central Brewing Company

El Bait Shop

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