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Living in Arizona, I often times get asked the question, “Why aren’t you tanner?” For starters, I work in an office five days out of the week, but secondly, I’m Irish. With dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and creamy white skin dusted in freckles, basking out in the sun for hours on end is just not in the cards for me.

When I was younger, I hated this light complexion. Like most teenage girls, all I wanted was to be tan, blonde, and beautiful like my friends. As I’ve grown up over the years, that mindset has shifted some. In fact, I’ve actually come to appreciate my fairness, realizing that this unique trait of mine is beautiful in its own way. Not once have I stepped into a tanning bed, nor have I drenched myself in greasy oil. However, just because I take these precautions, it doesn’t mean I don’t want a fresh, sunkissed look for summer.

So when Jayd Lem, owner of Bronze Buddha Glow, asked me to sample her airbrush tanning, there was no hesitation on my part. I couldn’t have found a more perfect solution. Want to know the best part? All of her products are organic, paraben-free, and anti-aging. In as little as fifteen minutes, I was able to nourish my skin from head to toe without ever having to compromise my values or healthy lifestyle.

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Unlike most salons, Bronze Buddha Glow offers a completely different experience. Once you park your car, you’ll quickly understand why.

Nestled behind a sea of palm trees is this quaint, serene oasis. As you walk up the stairs and in through the front door, soft colors of blue and orange take up the entire space, as does Jayd’s personality. This is her passion, her heart, and her soul. She truly loves what she does and it’s evident in her work. As a newcomer to the world of airbrush tanning, and just tanning in general, this meant everything to me.

I came to Jayd, head swimming with all kinds of questions and nerves, and wound up leaving refreshed and glowing, both inside and out. Pictures of my beautiful tan will be making their way to The Stiles Files very soon, so stay tuned!


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  1. Kara Brown said

    How fun!! This sounds so amazing! I loved reading your post about your time with your mama.


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