County Line Orchard

With our wedding and honeymoon past, Andrew and I now have free time. Loads of free time, actually!

For a solid year and a half, the two of us were knee deep in planning. This required a whole lot of back-and-forth traveling to Iowa, sometimes once or twice a month. If we weren’t traveling, then we were catching up on work, searching for a new apartment, running errands, or scheduling meetings. We had such a blast doing it, but quickly forgot what rest and relaxation truly felt like when, in fact, we were going 100 miles per hour. Last Saturday, Andrew and I finally slowed things down and took advantage of the beautiful fall weather by trekking over to northwest Indiana for the afternoon.


Our first stop was at Dagger Mountain Roastery for a couple of lattes and a quick bite to eat. Located within the warehouse district of Valparaiso is this quaint, craft coffee bar. Andrew and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting both owners, who enlightened us on their relatively new venture, as well as must-see places around the area. One of those places was County Line Orchard, which just so happened to be 20 minutes away.

Let me start off by saying, this place is darling. Half the fun is getting there! Andrew and I decided to take the back roads so we could gawk at the foliage. Once we arrived, the two of us then made our way inside the very large and very red barn. Lined around the sides were pumpkins, squash, and mums, but the inside. Oh, the inside! Each and every corner was packed to the brim with all things apple. Apple butter? Check! Apple donuts? Check! Apple cider? Check! A bag of apples? Check! They even had apple wine. After getting our fill, it was time to do some picking. Our main goal was to collect a handful of granny smiths for a pie later that evening, but we may have walked out with some honeycrisps as well. I mean, how can you not? Just when we thought we were done, along came a pumpkin patch. Naturally, we had to grab a couple before hopping on the tractor.

This coming weekend may not be as eventful since we’ll be writing thank you cards, but strangely, these are the little moment I missed most.


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