The process of shopping can stir up a variety of feelings.

Sometimes, I find myself overwhelmed – I’m looking at you, H&M and Forever 21 – whereas other times I find myself stressed with trying to pick out the perfect outfit for an upcoming vacation or big work event. Granted, I do tend to save that errand for the last minute, but that’s beside the point. What’s typically missing from this experience is a personal feeling.


Felt is a new boutique in Logan Square aiming to fill this void. Co-owner and stylist, Catherine Dunton, approaches any client as a blank canvas, asking herself the question, “What is it that she wants? What is it that she needs? Even more so, what is it about this woman that makes her special?”

In the hour that I was there, Catherine learned where I grew up, she learned about my life down in Arizona, she learned about the places I had been and the people I had met, she even learned about why and how my blog came to be. It wasn’t just about making a sale. It was about making a connection and I saw this trait of hers shine with each and every client that walked through her doors.

The pieces you’ll find displayed around Felt are a true reflection of this. They’ve been meticulously handpicked, incorporating a diverse mix of established designers alongside some of today’s top emerging talent. From well-known brands like Equipment, IRO, and Heidi Merrick to lesser-known brands like Anine Bing and Echtego, each of the collections work beautifully together. Catherine has even intertwined some local brands, like Chandler Candle Company and 84 Rockwell, as well as an assortment of vintage items.

Was I overwhelmed? Not at all. Did I ever get stressed? Nope. If anything, I felt relaxed, I felt welcomed, I felt a strong sense of community, and I felt like my unique style could finally be heard, but isn’t that what should always be Felt?

Red Fur Jacket
Blue Fur Jacket

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