Friday Favorites

(Getting some pumpkin pie practice in before Thanksgiving rolls around)

Andrew and I are coming up on two months of marriage.

It’s crazy how quickly time flies past us, isn’t it? One second you’re single and living the college dream, the next thing you know you’re in a serious relationship and moving halfway across the country, and then out of nowhere you’re engaged to the love of your life and soon after walking down the aisle while surrounded by friends and family. With all the wonderful things that have recently happened in my life, I’m now becoming more reflective and making a conscious effort to soak in the little moments. For instance, this weekend we’ll be swimming in thank you cards, but I want to use that as an opportunity to sip on a glass of wine and remember how truly blessed we are. We’re also going to be cleaning out our closets, but rather than dreading the task, I want to instead dwell on the fact that we’re gearing up for the holidays while simultaneously settling into our new apartment.

This is such a wonderful chapter in our life and to think it’s only just begun. Cheers to change!

(A matchstick holder for my ever-growing collection of candles and fragrances, including this refreshing soap)

(The most beautiful, handwritten envelope)

(Experimenting with a couple recipes from The Newlywed Cookbook)


(Woke up to the Flowers for Dreams truck parked right beside our next door neighbor)

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