Friday Favorites


(Fresh tilapia grilled with our homemade seasoning)

I’ve decided to launch an entirely new series on The Stiles Files titled “Friday Favorites”, a post that rounds up some of the little things that have inspired me throughout the week.

As most of you can probably relate, life has a tendency to get in the way. Deadlines and responsibilities quickly pile up and before any of us know it, that dreaded six o’clock alarm starts going off again. Days just seem to slip right through the cracks, so now I’m going to start documenting, through both words and pictures, all of those simple pleasures that often times get overlooked.

In other news, one of my closest girlfriends is in town for the weekend. We kicked things off earlier this morning with brunch at The Herb Box in Old Town Scottsdale and will be continuing the festivities with drinks and more drinks. After all, it is vacation. Wish us luck on our hike tomorrow!

Hope you all have a very relaxing and fun-filled Friday. Cheers!

Cheese Board

(A quiet, at-home dinner out on the balcony)


(A subtle reminder of how truly lucky I am)

Bon Iver

(The beautiful scribbles on the back of my favorite record album)


(Bouquets of vibrant, leftover Valentine’s Day roses at the grocery store)


(Mackey taking a cat nap in the warm sun) 

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