Hoot and Holler

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When creating a floral arrangement, one must always be surrounded by good company and dirty rap songs.

Okay, so the latter isn’t necessarily true, but I can definitely attest to the first rule. A few weeks back, I had the absolute privilege of working alongside the hilarious Malori Maeva from Hoot and Holler and the unbelievably talented Sara Nevels from Talk Studios. In case you were wondering, the answer is “yes”. Rap songs were actually involved. The three of us listened to everything from Jay-Z to the Wu-Tang Clan.

View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement

I wound up leaving that afternoon with an entirely new playlist, but also an entirely new way of looking at flowers. It’s not just buy, snip, and place. It’s a process, an art form, and a unique way of expressing yourself. I’d like to share with you all some of the great tips I learned so that you can create your own masterpiece at home!

1.) Foundation Flowers The first step in crafting a bouquet is finding your vase. Given our selection, Malori and I decided to go with a medium-sized, wide vase. Once that was settled, we started filling it with our foundation flowers. These are typically twiggy pieces that will serve as the “pin cushion” for your filler and focal flowers. Make sure you cut the ends at an angle so that that water can be absorbed faster. Also, you’ll want to remove any of the leaves that would be submerged. That’s what creates a filmy, stinky slim.

2.) Filler Flowers Once you’ve completely surrounded the vase with your foundation flowers, it’s time to start stuffing the holes with your filler flowers. This is where you can have a bit of fun and play with color, but make sure it’s evened out. You don’t want all the pink on one side and all the blue on the other. Try choosing longer stemmed pieces so that it adds a variety of dimensions.

3.) Focal Flowers Last, but certainly not least, you have your focal flowers. As I’m sure you’ve guessed at this point, this is going to be the eye catcher. Our arrangement was beginning to lean towards more of a whimsical and romantic theme, so I decided to go with three bright pink roses that were just on the cusp of blooming. Again, you want to make sure that they’re dispersed evenly and sitting at different levels. I find that odd numbers work best if you want it to have that unintentional look.

You’re all set! Of course, you can play around with things to make sure it’s exactly to your liking– maybe trim a few leaves here and there or move a couple of the filler flowers – but whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun with it. Oh, and water it. That would be helpful, too. And, if it’s not too much of a hassle, blast that Kanye West song.

Photography by Sara Nevels.

View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement
View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement
PicMonkey Collage II
View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement
PicMonkey Collage III
View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement
View More: http://talkstudios.pass.us/stilesfiles_floralarrangement
PicMonkey Collage I

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  1. Kim Ungvarsky said

    Absolutely beautiful!! What a talented young lady arranging the flowers!!


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