Life Lately


It’s already been ten months since we moved from Arizona.

However, it still feels like yesterday that we were packing up our belongings, saying goodbye to our friends, and traveling halfway across the country to Iowa just to do it all over again. As cliché as it might sound, I often times dream of these places: my favorite coffee hangout in Phoenix, as well as the flower shop right around the corner from where we lived, the quiet back roads that led to our Iowa City apartment, and the Saturday morning farmers market that took place in the Pedestrian Mall. To be honest, I’ve even thought about the different companies I used to work for.

I always told myself I’d never take anything for granted – good or bad – but you don’t realize how much the little things truly mattered until they’re gone. I miss Arizona and I even miss Iowa, but I have to remind myself that if we were to move again, I’d feel the same way about Chicago. We’ve started to build a life here and a great one at that. Doesn’t mean it’s been easy. City living is, well, city living! Places are smaller, prices are higher, and people are busier. Trying to navigate through that, especially having come from two blissfully carefree worlds, has been somewhat of a challenge.


It wasn’t until fairly recently that Andrew and I felt like we had established our new normal: walking to work as opposed to driving, subscribing to a meal delivery service during the week and then embarking on a light grocery run during the weekend, joining a gym rather than going for a jog or a hike outdoors (Arizona tends to spoils you that way), and finding our repertoire of go-to spots when the options seem endless. We’ve finally reached a comfort level, though. As the days, weeks, and months continue to pass us by, that comfort level only grows stronger.

I’ve found my new coffee hangout. I’ve found my new flower shop. We most certainly do not have quiet back roads that lead to our apartment, but I’ve found my favorite strip of sidewalk that hugs Lake Michigan and leads to a farmers market in the summer. I’ve even found a company that I’m happy and, more importantly, proud to work for. While these may seem minuscule to you, it’s everything to me. This is life lately. This is home … finally.

A very big thank you to Iron and Honey for beautifully capturing this moment in our lives!

Bouquet #2

5 Responses to “Life Lately”

  1. Had a great time with you and Andrew! Your favorite places are some of mine as well. Thanks for introducing me to Heritage! Can’t wait to work with you again!

  2. Ana said

    It’s so nice to see someone embracing Chicago! My boyfriend and I actually just did the exact opposite – born and raised in Chicago and moved to Arizona in August! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog to keep an eye of what’s going on back home 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ana! What a small world. Andrew and I lived in Old Town Scottsdale for about three years. Where are you and your boyfriend at? I’d be happy to offer some recommendations!

      • Ana said

        We were in Glendale but work lead us to the east valley – we are in Chandler now! I would love any and all recommendations for various things 😛 please let me know if you need any recommendations for things to do/see/eat/drink in Chicago!


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