Martha Mae

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an artist.

However, there’s no question that I appreciate the lifestyle of an artist. After all, that is what this little slice of the Internet aims to expose: the time and energy that’s devoted to his or her medium, how they got started, what continues to inspire them, the routes they’ve taken with their businesses, and the countless risks it took to get there. Jean Cate, talented artist and owner of Martha Mae, epitomizes the very essence of this blog.

Located in the heart of Andersonville lies this quaint shop. It’s difficult to miss, given the hot pink facade, but the inside is equally as captivating. You won’t find mounds of paper, bins of paint tubes, and stacks of tampered utensils, nor will you experience the dreaded big box store customer service. Everything, down to the pens, has been so carefully curated, including Jean’s own work of etchings, drawings, and watercolors.

Sitting atop her gold-painted shelves are vintage paper clips and a rainbow of pencils. Scaling the walls are dancing shears and neatly lined brushes. Displayed across the tables are brass staplers, wooden figurines, marble book stands, and neatly stacked calendars. Oh, and the bathroom? Yep, it’s the same shade of hot pink. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who happens to be the namesake of the store.

“I want the products I offer to be equally as inspiring as the artwork itself,” says Jean. It’s so very clear in the way she’s adorned Martha Mae, and even herself, that this is a one-of-a-kind woman who finds great pleasure and empowerment in the simplicity of making. This store allows others to do the same; perhaps even those people who don’t consider themselves to be an artist, but might just give it a shot … someday.

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