Our Honeymoon: Santorini

Santorini is nothing short of magical.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, Andrew and I arrived to the island by boat. From a distance, the cluster of white houses looked like a snow-covered mountain, but once we reached the crest, it hit us. We were literally on top of the world and, let me tell you, it felt like it.

The front desk staff at our resort greeted us with, you guessed it, more champagne! We were then given a brief tour of the grounds and invited into our new suite. Having fully adjusted from jet lag, we were both eager to get out and roam the area, but first thing was first: food. My cousin and his wife also honeymooned in Greece and highly recommended Niko’s Gyros. So, naturally we tried it. Oh my goodness. Best ever! The beef melts in your mouth. Did I mention they load them with seasoned fries? Once our stomachs were full, we decided to head back to the room so we could freshen up for the evening, which obviously entailed more food. That’s what vacation is all about, right? Oh, but this was so much more than that!

We took a shuttle down to the Bay of Ammoudi for dinner at a quaint, aptly named seafood tavern called Sunset. Once we picked our jaws up off the floor having seen the view, our waiter then urged us to try their lobster spaghetti, which apparently they’re known for. After taking the first bite, I would have to agree. We also split a platter of grilled octopus and a bottle of Santorinian wine made with a native white grape known as “assyrtiko”. We may or may not have taken a couple bottles home with us. It was just so delicious!

The next day, we headed up to the pool for breakfast in preparation for more exploring. We had been going back and forth on whether or not to check out Fira, but many locals informed us that Oia was the place to be, so Andrew and I decided to stay where we were. I’m so very glad we did! There was plenty to see and do, including a fish pedicure. Yes, you read that correctly. We ventured into a nearby salon so we could rest our feet while also getting them nibbled on by minnow-looking creatures. They took off all the dead cells and left our skin feeling baby soft. It’s true! I think what was most entertaining was seeing other guests’ reactions, though.


Afterwards, we found another seafood joint for more fresh bread, more tzatziki, more grilled octopus, and more ouzo. Andrew and I then worked our way over to the “castle”, which we quickly realized was another premier spot for watching the sunset.

Our second day in Santorini was a special one. We slept in, had a late breakfast on our private balcony (robes and slippers included), and then hopped onto a catamaran for a sunset cruise. We made a quick thirty minute stop at Red Beach, then sailed over to Black Beach for an hour and a half of snorkeling, followed by a traditional Greek barbecue on the boat. After we stuffed our faces, the next destination was White Beach, as well as the hot springs nearby. We jumped in and divulged in the warm water, only to dry off and finish up at the Bay of Ammoudi again. Like I mentioned earlier, this is where you go to see the show and what a show it was! The clouds opened up and displayed the most vibrant shades of orange, red, and purple. I think the cherry on top was the majestic pirate ship that worked its way into the picture. Of course, we all celebrated with a round of ouzo. Once we made it safely back onto land, Andrew and I decided the only thing we wanted to do was grab another gyro from Niko’s and then head back to the room to talk about how wonderful of a time we had.


Our final day was a relaxing one. In typical fashion, we ordered way too much food at breakfast and then made our way over to the spa for a massage and facial. Once we were put into a deep trance, the next best decision was to come back down to reality by the pool … with a cocktail. Halfway through our beverages, we received a call from the front desk staff informing us that they’d like to treat us to a night in their honeymoon suit, so of course we obliged. What a surprise! The space was simply stunning and even had a plunge pool. We got ready for the night, made it back to the “castle” for our last sunset, and then had a romantic, candlelit dinner at Andronis. All we could talk about was how blessed we felt.

Weddings bring out a mixture of feelings. For a year and a half you plan and then plan some more. Every little detail is thought out, including details you didn’t realize existed. It requires lots of travel, lots of meetings, lots of compromise, and, let’s face it, lots of money, but then the week arrives; the week you’ve been so patiently waiting for. It hits you like a ton of bricks. Everyone that you could possibly want is somehow together under one roof. They’ve driven hundreds of miles, purchased plane tickets, reserved hotel rooms, gotten gifts, found babysitters, and picked out their best outfits. They’ve done all those things just for you and that, my friends, truly takes your breath away. Everything you had worried about leading up to the big day suddenly vanishes, only to be replaced by love – an overwhelming amount of love – and this honeymoon allowed us to celebrate that.


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