Super Saturday

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Weekends in Arizona revolve around two things: eating and some kind of an outdoor party. More often times than not, these extracurricular activities will eventually intertwine with one another. However, when a party throws sunglasses into that mix, than you know you’ve got yourself a good one.

This past Saturday, I was invited to an annual event here in the valley known as Record Store Day. Hosted right outside of Frances and Stinkweeds, this neighborhood get-together was everything and more. You could pop into the boutique one minute and stock up on locally-made goodies, then snarf down a delicious hot dog the next, all while soaking up some sun and listening to a live band in the background. Bordered up along the sides of these two stores were tons of unique treasures, including handmade pins, fun totes, and printed t-shirts. What drew me in like a magnet were the sunglasses, though.

Sandwiched in between the different stands was Framed Ewe, a one-of-a-kind optical shop in Phoenix that offers some of the best shades, frames, and readers in town. From Thierry Lasry to Garrett Leight, this place truly is the hub for any self-proclaimed sunglasses junkie like myself and, when I need a fix, it has to be Super. Lucky for me, they were having a sale on that particular designer on that particular day, which means I got to walk away with a brand new pair at half the original price! To give you a little hint, they’re tortoise shell and they’re the perfect blend of retro and modern; round lens and cat eye. In the five days that I’ve owned them, I’ve already received a dozen compliments!

Of course, I couldn’t leave with only those. My haul also entailed a couple of candles, a new journal, a star-shaped sparkler (obviously), the London Grammar record, and a handmade ring. All in all, I’d say it was a Super Saturday. Yes, that pun was totally intentional.

Stay tuned for some more detailed posts about my finds! They’ll be making their way to The Stiles Files very soon!

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