Agate Keepsake Box


Let’s be honest, arts and crafts are great in theory.

It starts by you casually flipping through a magazine, or if you’re anything like me, snooping around your creative friend’s effortlessly chic and thrifty apartment. All of a sudden, you spot it. You know, that one thing that makes you say, “Oh, I could totally make that.” Well, false.

After you’ve built up the determination, it quickly spirals into a wild goose chase around town in pursuit of the needed supplies. You start cutting corners and before you know it, you’ve racked up your credit card. By the time you eventually get home, you’re far too exhausted to even start it, but you do anyway. There’s your second mistake.

The project ends up looks nothing like the pictured instructions you so diligently followed and what’s left instead is some sad, overly-corrected piece of trash sitting in your living room. You showcase it for the first few weeks, acruing those pity compliments, and then eventually throw it away, along with your dignity and supplies you’ll never use again. For anyone who relates to this struggle, I’ve found our solution. It comes in the form of a blue box.


I received my first one earlier this week and, based on my less than stellar track record in the DIY Department, was a little skeptical about the whole thing. Turns out I could not have been more wrong.

Based out of San Francisco, Darby Smart is a company that works hand-in-hand with a community of talented designers, all of whom take today’s fashion and home trends and brilliantly turns them into deliverable kits that include all of your materials, as well as step-by-step instructions. The best part? It’s very budget-friendly!

As most of you know by now, I love my jewelry and the boxes that they sit in, so it should come as no surprise that I would pick this one. Not only was it incredibly easy and a blast to make, but it’s a beautiful and, more importantly, functional piece that now sits on my nightstand.

So, for all you skilled and not-so-skilled crafters out there, this is definitely a website worth checking out!


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