Beauty Breakdown


Before Andrew and I moved, the two of us made it a point to visit all our favorite spots.

One of mine happened to be Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. I couldn’t leave Arizona without gathering up a few of my makeup must-haves and this week’s Beauty Breakdown is no exception, the first being my Kjaer Weis foundation and Jane Iredale blending brush.

This duo is the real deal, ladies. It provides full coverage without ever leaving those noticeable lines or cakey patches. I initially like to use a plain foundation brush so I can apply it directly under my eyes, but then I take the blending brush, dab it into my palm where I’ve already got a dime-sized drop of Ren rose serum, and sweep the brush into the foundation. Once the tips have been sufficiently coated, I begin to apply onto my face in a circular motion. To finish, I set with RMS powder and carry forward with my next steps.


The next three items on my list are from the Lancôme line, starting with Bienfait night cream. When humidity strikes, I do everything I can to avoid thick face lotions, so I instead apply this in the evening right before going to bed. It locks in moisture and uncovers healthy looking skin the following morning, stimulating skin vitality with an energizing complex of multi-minerals.

After I’ve washed up, I then spread on Visionnare blur. It’s a lightweight, oil-free skin finisher that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which also helps to perfectly set my Bienfait tinted beauty balm. This is an easy alternative to my Kjaer Weis foundation, especially for those lazy, carefree afternoons when dolling up is the farthest thing from my mind.

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