Beauty Breakdown


I’m a self-proclaimed beauty junkie.

Take me to any department store or cosmetics counter and it’s game over. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about discovering new products that truly excites me. With that being said, here are four recent purchases that have successfully passed the Stiles Files test!

Bobbi Brown lip gloss

I’m a girl who’s not afraid to wear color on her lips. In fact, the amount of lipstick tubes that I own is borderline absurd. The darker the red, the better! However, there are some instances where I like to go nude. For me, lip gloss has always been tricky. It has to hold color first and foremost, but it can’t be too thick to the point where it’s a globby mess. A nice taste doesn’t hurt either. Bobbi Brown meets all of these requirements and even then some. It glides on so effortlessly and doesn’t budge, even after sipping coffee and presenting in meetings all morning long. I swipe it over my lips as the last step in my makeup routine and then I don’t have to reply until after lunch. Uh, how great is that?


Kypris clearing serum 

Next on the list would have to be my Kypris clearing serum. I first discovered this miracle in a blue bottle after meeting the lovely creator, Chase Polan. She generously offered me some samples and from that moment on, I was in love. It works as both an overall treatment, as well as a spot treatment. Right after I hop out of the shower, I dry off, put a dime-sized drop into my palm, and then apply to my face. I then follow up with argan oil and sunscreen. It serves as my base astringent, ridding me of any blemishes (or ones that may or may not be on the horizon) while keeping everything fresh and clear without ever feeling tight or dry. To be perfectly honest, I have not had any breakouts since switching over to this product. I understand that’s a bold statement, but it’s true!


Jane Iredale eyelid primer 

Aside from wet socks and pants being too short, another one of my pet peeves would have to be eye shadow creasing. Nothing irritates me more than spending time contouring my eyes, followed by a repetitive swipe of eye liner, only to find that an hour later its been smeared off. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here. I’ve gone through quite a bit of primers and have found that they’re either too dry or too greasy, making my problem even worse. I eventually reached out to the wonderful staff at Citrine Beauty Bar and, just like that, I found my solution. Jane Iredale offers a terrific line of all-natural makeup, but her eyelid primer is definitely up there for me. It’s a soft petal color that can be worn by itself or before applying shadow. The creamy consistency dries flat and sets my shades in a deep, rich color that lasts well into the afternoon.


Living Proof flex shaping hairspray

This is the hairspray of all hairsprays. Trust me when I say that I’ve tried nearly every single one there is on the marketplace. Yes, that does include Aqua Net. It’s physically impossible to go through four years of show choir without stepping foot into that toxic cloud of fumes. Not only is the bottle a chic, matte black color, but the fragrance is equally as divine. It’s this soft, amber and vanilla scent that just to happens to blend perfectly with my new perfume. The best part, you ask? Living Proof flex shaping hairspray performs exactly how it sounds. I use it every morning before heading into work and then I reapply later that same evening if I’m heading out the door for dinner and drinks. It doesn’t build up and create that sticky shield, but rather, gives your tousles a sleek and shiny look that you can actually work with. It’s like a lightweight paste that can mold those pesky flyaways.

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