What makes up a house?

For starters, you’ve got your brick and cement. Of course, there’s shingles stacked on the roof and carpet draped on the floor. Some are even lucky enough to have plots of grass dotted with landscaping. Oh, right. There’s also wood: lots and lots of wood! These are the basic elements of any house, but what makes up a home? It’s not the location and size, nor is it the price tag plastered on the front lawn. A home is made when space has been filled.

It’s the first summer grill out in the backyard with friends, it’s rainy Saturday mornings spent cooking up breakfast in the kitchen with your family, it’s game night fueled by a bottle (or two) of wine and some old records, and it’s movie marathons on the couch with that special someone … and two furry companions. Blasfemme is a collection of hand carved wooden objects built for that everyday kind of living. Caroline Robe, the talented artist and founder behind this line, was kind enough to invite me over to the studio last weekend so I could get a front row view on the action. What I learned during my time there, as I sipped some coffee and watched the magic unfold, was that life isn’t perfect and neither should the objects that fill it.


Born and raised in Virginia and Maine, Caroline has a deep respect for the traditional craft of woodwork, but traditional this entrepreneur is not. Sure, you’ll still find cutting boards and spoons, as well as coasters and bowls, but behind each and every one of these objects is a personality. That’s what drew me to write this blog post in the first place. I don’t need another cutting board to just sit on my shelf and collect dust. No, I need one that is built to last and can serve cheese and fruit to my friends during that first grill out of the summer. I need a spoon that can dip into pancake batter when I’m cooking up breakfast with my family on a rainy Saturday morning. I need coasters that can babysit our glasses of wine when Cards Against Humanity is getting wildly out of control and I need a bowl big enough to accommodate not one, but two bags of popcorn for our movie marathon.

This is my life. This is the space that I’ve created. These are the objects that fill it.


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