Blue Apron


Everyone has their favorite meal.

For me, it’s breakfast. I will always make time for it, no matter how crammed my mornings are. From yogurt parfaits and avocado toast to good ‘ole fashioned bacon and eggs, there’s nothing I don’t like. What typically sits on the back burner – no pun intended – is dinner. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. There’s just some days I don’t enjoy making it. By the time the evening rolls around, both Andrew and I are exhausted. We’ve put in eight solid hours of work, in addition to an hour long workout, and the only thing we want to do is come home and plop on the couch to watch our television shows, but sometimes that doesn’t even happen. There’s laundry to catch up on, an apartment to clean, and groceries to grab. Luckily, we’ve found our solution.


Blue Apron takes out the hassle of shopping and makes cooking fun again. Every Saturday, we receive a box that includes three recipe cards and all of the proper items associated with them. This is a company that has developed a more sustainable food system paired with the highest standard of ingredients to create a community of at-home chefs, but what I love most is the variety. In the five months of our subscription, we have yet to receive a duplicate. Each dish is different and more delicious than the last. One of our personal favorites was the Greek pizza from last weekend.

If you’re interested in giving Blue Apron a shot, then comment on this post or email me at!

Mozzerella Cheese
Sliced Pizza

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