Big City Brunch

Kitsune // Cellar Door Provisions

Anyone who doesn’t love brunch is no friend of mine.

Okay, maybe that’s a tad bit extreme, but you get where I’m coming from. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy this meal? It can be sweet or savory, healthy or indulgent, quick or leisurely, and just a downright fantastic way to kick off any weekend. Plus, booze is always an option.

No matter the time of year, Chicago is always churning out new spots. Of course, in the spring and summer, it’s even better because the majority of places have outdoor patios. Regardless, below are just a few egg-cellent restaurants around the city. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Lula Café 

Antique Taco // Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

Doughnut Vault // Honey’s

Longman and Eagle

Milk and Honey // Green City Market

Milktooth // Doughnut Vault 

Café  Robey

Mortar and Pestle // Lonesome Rose 

The Allis // Lula Café

Harvest Juicery // Café Marie-Jeanne

Bohemian House // Café Integral

Baker Miller // M. Henry

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