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The best part about picking out flowers is choosing a vase.

I tend to gravitate towards a certain set of blooms, but when it comes to selecting the container that they’re destined to sit it, I’m all about mixing it up. Sometimes I like my arrangements displayed in a tall, sleek vessel whereas other times I like to use my favorite coffee mug or a recycled tomato sauce can. I think what I find most rewarding about this whole process is the fact that no matter where you place a flower, assuming you care for it properly, it will flourish. Coincidentally enough, so does Camelback Flowershop.

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About three months ago, this local favorite moved out of its quaint, cottage-like spot and into a stunning, naturally lit, loft-style studio right in the heart of Arcadia. If the floor-to-ceiling windows don’t catch your eyes first, then the spiral staircase will. Towards the left is a large, wooden table dusted in leaves and twine. Directly in front of it is a gorgeous, leather studded couch with an equally gorgeous wall mural hanging just above it.

Clear across the other side of the room are two smaller tables piled high with handmade trinkets, all of which are made right here in the United States, if not Arizona. From candles and lotions to woven baskets, journals, and chocolates, each corner of the shop is filled with such beauty. However, the true beauty comes from owner and floral stylist, Teresa. The hundreds of creations that surround this store are so thoughtfully designed, stem after stem, and her warm, sweet demeanor not only reflects in each of these one-of-a-kind arrangements, but into her kind and helpful staff as well.

You have built such an iconic business that will only continue to bloom bigger and brighter, Teresa. Thank you for letting me take part in its exciting new chapter. I wish you nothing but happiness and success!

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  1. I just LOVE Camelback Flower Shop! It’s right in my neighborhood too. I agree, they have a great selection of containers. The shop is just amazing. xo


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