Cheese and Chocolate


It’s funny how your interests slowly evolve as you get older.

Little things like running errands, perusing around local farmers markets, and staying in to cook dinner and watch a movie are my ideas of a damn good time, but every once in awhile I find myself reverting back to a few childhood guilty pleasures, one of them being grilled cheese.

When I was a young girl, it was my on-the-go food. When I was in college, it was my drunk food. Many burns came with that late night craving, let me tell you. Nowadays, it’s my comfort food. Busy day at work? Grilled cheese. Rainy afternoon? Grilled cheese. Feeling under the weather? Grilled cheese.

On a “there’s nothing left in the fridge” kind of day, I decided to mix things up by adding some dark chocolate. I know it sounds all sorts of strange, but stick with me here. I promise you it’s delicious! The creaminess of it all is just simply divine and it tastes even better with a side of fresh strawberries and a glass of prosecco. C’mon, who doesn’t love that?



2 slices of hearty bread

2 thin slices of havarti 

2 thin slices of cheddar 

1 ounce of dark chocolate, roughly chopped

Sprinkle of salt



1.) Spread a dab of butter on one side of both slices of bread. Heat a cast iron skillet or other heavy bottomed pan on medium heat. Place one of the bread slices on the pan, buttered side down.

2.) Place the slices of havarti and cheddar on the bread. Add chopped dark chocolate on top of the cheese slices. Make sure to place the chocolate in the middle. It will spread out as it melts and absorb nicely into the bread. If it’s too close to the edges, it will melt down the sides and make a mess.

3.) Sprinkle some salt onto the chocolate. Place the second slice of bread on top of the chocolate, buttered side up.

4.) As the cheese and the chocolate melts, gently press down on the sandwich. Unlike your average grilled cheese, the melted chocolate will ooze out the side if you press to hard. Allow the chocolate to absorb into the bread.

5.) Let the sandwich lightly brown, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and let it sit for about 1 minute.











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