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I’ll be the first to admit that my personal style is basic.

All you’ll find throughout my closet are variations of the same four colors: black, blue, beige, and grey. Seriously, guys. It’s like I’m a walking bruise, but while the quantity of my options may sit on the smaller end of the scale, the quality will always sit on the larger end.

I take great pride in this concept. Rather than shopping for pieces that will only survive a few wears here and there, I instead make investments; shoes that can withstand long walks around the city and late evenings in the bars, blouses that can take numerous coffee spills, jackets that truly keep me warm, and pants that don’t fade, but get better with age. This same mindset applies to handbags.

Small Leather Goods

CHC is a line of handcrafted fine leather goods and accessories. Their materials are sourced from all across the United States and brought together to be constructed within their Chicago-based studio. Owner and designer, Chelli Look, was kind enough to open it up to me for the afternoon.

If I’m going to be perfectly honest, what initially drew me in was her overall aesthetic. Similar to my wardrobe, Chelli’s collection speaks for itself; heavy on the black with pops of animal print, as well as subtle flecks of gold. However, it’s what she said that kept me there. “When I make a handbag, I need it to be simple and I need it to be functional”, quotes Chelli. That was it. I was eager to learn more and learn I most certainly did.

During my insightful time with Chelli, something else became very clear. It’s not so much the designing that’s important to her as much as it is the community for which it lives in. We’re surrounded by young creatives, small businesses, and local entrepreneurs, but often times these get separated, almost as if there’s a “survival of the fittest” mentality. Chelli is looking to break down those barriers and instead create a support system. You lean on me, I lean on you, and together we can grow. It’s not difficult and much like Chelli’s line, we just need it to be simple and we need it to be functional.

CHC also donates ten percent of their profits to WINGS in an effort to end domestic violence and homelessness. Learn more at!

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Belt Bag

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  1. Dawn Maldonado said

    I bought a white purse at a thrift store. At the time I paid no attention to anything other than I liked it and the price was right for me. I have used it now for at least a year, I keep telling myself that I should change purses, but I like this one so much, it is so functional and I keep waiting for it to fall apart or show serious signs of wear , but it doesn’t. I noticed the Chelli name on it, but never thought much about it, I think I wondered at some point if it were a name brand. Which I’m not into name brands, but of course there are some name brands everyone knows, even if your not into name brands Then I was sitting here bored and wanting to Google something, I looked over at my purse and saw “Chelli”, so I googled it and it took me to this site and this article. It all makes since now, the functionality and quality. I feel so lucky and privileged to own this purse, love that 10% of profits go to WINGS. I buy all my purses at thrift stores. I have really had some nice purses over the years and never paid alot for them. I guess I’m just writing to let you know that your purses are wonderful, but you already know that, hope I am fortunate enough to come across another one of your great purses in the future. Thanks, A ” Chelli” fan.


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