Chilled Beet Soup

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I may live in the desert, but cold is cold.

When the sun dips down behind the mountains for the evening, temperatures drop significantly. It’s dark, it’s dry, and it’s barren. The only thing that can cure this weather woe is a piping hot cup of soup.

Just down the street from my office is a little coffee shop that serves up some of the best in town. You can find me holed up there nearly every day during my lunch break, sipping on a honey almond milk latte and scanning their constantly changing menu. Trust me when I say that everything their chefs put on the counter is divine, but it’s the chilled beet soup with horseradish crème fraîche and a side of grilled levain that truly stole my heart and my stomach. Rather than keeping the recipe all to myself, I thought I’d share it with you wonderful people.

If the gorgeous color doesn’t hook you first, then the delicious taste most definitely will. Bon appétit!

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