Devil’s Bridge


Last weekend, Andrew and me, along with a couple of our good friends, headed up north to Sedona for a full day of hiking.

Over the course of two and a half hours, dusty dry land covered in saguaro cacti quickly transformed into lush green trees, red clay plateaus, and blooming yellow succulents. Laugh if you will, but it honestly felt like we were being transported to an entirely different world, all while simply sitting in a car.

Once we finally arrived, the decision of which trail to take was easy: Devil’s Bridge. Based on the rave reviews we had read online, the four of us didn’t even think twice. Wow, did they live up to their expectations and then some!


If there was a word I could use to describe the view as soon as we reached the summit, I would, but trust me. I’ve rummaged through my entire vocabulary a dozen times and there’s still nothing I can find that accurately sums up how breathtaking it was. The thing that still sits with me, even now, was how silent it all was. There was no wind. There was no traffic. There was no yelling or sounds of city life. It was just a whole lot of nothing that went on forever and ever. It’s such a wonderful thought, especially as I sit here writing this post during the middle of the work week.

The best part about it all was sharing the experience with two incredible people. The amount of laughs that were shared on Sunday, not to mention the heavenly post-hike lunch we snarfed down, falls right into the “Favorite Memories” folder I have tucked away in my mind. Most of the credit has to be given to the early 00’s radio station we discovered on our drive up, though. It brought us all straight back to our awkward, but oh so fun high school dance days!

While I’m still recovering from the sunburn on my shoulders, I figured I’d share with you all a handful of snapshots I took on my Nikon and iPhone. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage

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