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Everyone has that one thing that strikes them as beautiful.

For me, it’s exposed brick. I wish there was some logical reasoning behind it, but there really isn’t. Perhaps it’s the whole comforting, lived in feeling of it all or maybe it’s because it screams, “I’m urban, shabby, and all things chic. Come and decorate me!” At some point in my life, I imagine myself waking up in the morning to the sounds of the city, drawing back the blinds to the busy street down below, and sipping a hot cup of coffee while admiring at our awesome kitchen wall covered in mirrors and eclectic pieces of art.

This past Sunday, my parents and I spent the afternoon moseying around the Old Market District in downtown Omaha, biding our time before my evening flight. If any of you have ever visited before, then you know that this is the mecca for my fantasy.

Block after block, there are old warehouses turned loft-style apartments, dozens of eateries, corner shops, and tons of little coffee shops with flowers carts parked right outside. In the center of it all are street musicians, horse carriage rides, and farmer’s markets. Oh, and did I mention we managed to squeeze some time in to stuff our faces with pizza and cupcakes? I had gone straight to heaven and the fact that there are two pub signs with my first initial and last name on them confirmed this.

So, what about you? Is there anything out there that just makes you giddy for whatever reason?

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage

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