Farmer’s Market Mornings


The holidays are officially over and this past week kept reminding me. With work and all of my “big girl” responsibilities back on the agenda, those quiet and stress-free moments that I grew so fond of while back up in Iowa started to become less and less.

Today was different, though. It was one of those sleep in late, put a hat on your unruly hair, and leave the apartment without a stitch of makeup on kind of mornings. Let’s just say it was the start to a Saturday that I very much needed.


Feeling all sorts of relaxed, Andrew and I hightailed it to the Old Town Farmer’s Market to stock up on some locally grown goodies in preparation for our dinner. What I didn’t expect was all of the fun we had exploring new, hidden parts of downtown Scottsdale. So much color and not a cloud in the sky!

This morning was exactly what I needed to recharge, especially as we kick off this new year. So, what’s your weekend fuel?

In other news, stay tuned for our tasty and healthy recipe that we cooked up. You won’t be disappointed!


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