Life is a beautiful journey and this past Sunday made that all the more clear.

Up close, things just seem to zoom by. One minute you’re graduating college and hopping on a plane to a state you’ve never even been to and then the next minute you’re saying goodbye. From far away, that all comes to a sudden halt.

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As Andrew and I soared above the valley, with nothing but silence on either side of us, we began to replay memories that made this place everything it was to us and more: an afternoon spent floating along Salt River with our group of friends … and our missing cooler of beer, movie nights that quickly turned into competitive Catch Phrase matches, last minute runs across the street to AJ’s to grab sushi and sake for dinner, Team Oddballs finally winning a game, Rob’s epic victory dance that happened shortly after, Dirty Dogg (enough said), late nights in Old Town that could only be recapped with the help of bottomless Bloody Marys the following morning, strolls through Scottsdale, hikes in Sedona, fall getaways up to Flagstaff, and now this.

I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to end our adventure in Arizona than with sunrise views over the desert, followed by a delicious brunch handmade by some of the most talented chefs, coffee roasters, and organic farmers. A very big thank you to Matt Cooley and Olivia Laux with Float Balloon Tours for orchestrating such a beautiful morning for my fiancé and me! It truly was an unforgettable experience and one that we’ll carry with us as we “float” into the next chapter of our lives.

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