Flowers for Dreams


Why do people buy flowers?

Many will hunt down the perfect bouquet for celebratory reasons, while others will for condolences. Some do it because it brightens their day, as well as their house, and even a few people enjoy planting them in a garden, but what if you could do all of this while benefiting your own community?

What was once a void in the industry has now been filled with beautiful blooms wrapped in burlap. There’s even more to the story, though. See, as a consumer, we only had three options. Either we ordered from an online source, which let’s be honest, never turns out the way we envision it. The second choice would be to mosey on over the nearest grocery store and select from a batch of flowers that have been wilting in a cooler for days on end. Lastly, we could go to a local mom and pop shop and find plenty of gorgeous arrangements, but at a cost. Alas, we have a fourth.


Flowers for Dreams go above and beyond to offer the convenience of an online source, the fair price tag of a grocery store, and the handmade touches of a mom and pop shop. Each stem is picked daily at local markets to create fresh, unique designs for their customers. Not only that, but everything is sourced, created, and delivered by them – on bikes – to ensure unprecedented levels of quality. I’ve had my bouquet for over a week now and, truth be told, it looks just as radiant as the day I got it. The sweetest part isn’t even the scent, though.

A fourth of their net profits are donated to a select charity of the month, which in turn has raised nearly $58,000 for local causes thats include the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue, Freshwater Future, RefugeeOne, Working Bikes, and countless others.

Visit Flowers for Dreams to learn more!

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