Friday Favorites


(The perfect lip color as we transition from summer to fall)

The month of July was a complete whirlwind.

Every single weekend, Andrew and I were out of town. From Manhattan Beach and Michigan City to Las Vegas and Chicago, the two of us were barely home. While it’s made for one of the best summers yet, we are just flat out exhausted from traveling so much.

Lucky for us, August is shaping up to be the exact opposite. There are no plans. There are no trips. There are no commitments. It’s just going to be him and I doing what we want, when we want to. To kick things off, we’re spending the next couple of days out by our pool, followed by a birthday dinner in Old Town Scottsdale with some friends.

Happy Friday, everyone! Make it a good one.


(Every once in awhile, I like to pretend that I’m really cool and rock a tattoo for a few days) 

PicMonkey Collage

(Trust me when I say that this ice cream tastes as good as it sounds) 


(Meet the latest addition to my growing sunglasses collection)


(Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she also has the cutest packaging ever) 

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