Friday Favorites


(Apparently I have a large head, but good thing this hat is just as cute on the inside as it is on the outside) 

Why can’t all weeks just be three days long?

My mind has adapted quite well to this pattern, what with Labor Day out in California and then a recent visit back up to Iowa. Today marks the end of my first full week at work in what feels like forever and, to be quite honest, I’m exhausted.

While it was a productive one that’s resulted in me feeling all sorts of accomplished, I now want to do nothing. The less I have to think and interact this weekend, the better. I’ve got a few recipes that I’ve been dying to try out and, if all goes well, they’ll be making their way to the blog soon. I also want to stroll around the Vintage Market at Westworld in North Scottsdale and I know that my pool is dying for me to pay a visit.

So, whether you’re planning on being a slug like me or you’d rather be out and about, I hope you all have a terrific next few days!

Pomegranate Cafe

(A delicious and nutritious lunch served with a heaping side of color)


(Wherever I travel, I always like to buy myself a special little something from that place) 


(You can bet Mackey and I will get use out of these “S” straws or my last name isn’t Stiles)

Tres Chic

(The perfect pouch  for all of those “très chic” things I carry around with me) 

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