Friday Favorites


(My two favorite purchases from the AZ Share That You Care event)

Can somebody tell me where October went?

Halloween is just one week from today and, for whatever reason, that is blowing my mind right now. As a friend of mine recently mentioned, “There’s only nine more Thursdays until Christmas!” Well, I guess that’s one way to look at it. Crazy!

Now of course Andrew and I still don’t have our costumes ready to go despite the fact that we have a party we’re going to tomorrow night, so scramble mode starts now. Aside from that, we’ll be taking it easy while still squeezing in some time for pumpkin carving.

As usual, have a wonderful weekend. See you again on Monday!

PicMonkey Collage I

(A little sneak peek at a fun collaboration that will be making its way to the blog very soon)


(Our apartment has quickly become a fire hazard with the amount of candles I’ve acquired) 

PicMonkey Collage II

(Take time to explore your own city because you never know what spectacular things you’ll come across)


(Small it may be, but this bar of soap does wonders for my skin)

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