Friday Favorites


(A friendly little reminder along Randolph Street)

What’s been nearly five years in the making has now become a reality.

Andrew and I finally live in Chicago. I use the word “live” loosely because, to be quite honest, it still hasn’t sunken in. Most mornings I wake up and feel like a tourist, walking around the city with my GPS in hand, popping into countless restaurants and shops with the same doe-eyed expression. I don’t know when that will fade or if I even want it to. Being here is an absolute dream and I vow never to take that for granted.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


(Embracing my future last name with this dainty necklace)


(My last haul from the Iowa City farmers market)


(When I find myself missing Lux and Camelback Flowershop, I simply brew a latte in this gorgeous vase)


(Mastering the art of fruit and yogurt parfaits) 

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