Friday Favorites


(Phoenix candles purchased from a Chicago boutique)

My final day at Bar Napkin Productions was on Friday, April 10th.

Shortly after, Andrew and I moved to Iowa City. While our time there was short, our memories were anything but. Now, here we are in Chicago. We’re all settled into our apartment and, after months of searching, I can now say that I am also settled into a job. I started at Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Monday, October 12th and have enjoyed every second of it thus far. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be heading up the marketing and reputation initiatives throughout the central region. It’s quite the task, but after six months – that’s half a year – I’m ready for any kind of challenge!

Hard to believe it’s been that long, right? It’s just crazy, but what drove me even crazier was the lack of routine. You don’t realize how much we, as human beings, need it in our day-to-day. I’ll be honest, though. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things; juggling work with working out, packing lunches and preparing dinners, walking to work as opposed to driving, posting to my blog, the whole gamete!

Luckily, this weekend is cutting me some slack. Both my family, as well as Andrew’s family, will be heading to Des Moines for some wedding planning. On Friday, we’ve got a pre-marriage counseling session with our pastor, followed by the Annual Tasting Event at our venue. On Saturday, we’ll be meeting up with our two photographers for dinner and then taking engagement pictures right after. Stay tuned for those!

Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

(Finally made our way over to this adorable Logan Square restaurant for brunch)


(A slice of honey lavender pie for me and a slice of key lime pie for the fiancé)


(Gave my green thumb a run for its money with this fall-inspired, handpicked bouquet)  

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