Friday Favorites


(I’m not ready to say goodbye to the holiday season and I’m glad to see Heritage General Store isn’t either)

Today marks Andrew and mine’s “last” anniversary.

For the past five years, we’ve celebrated this wonderful milestone on January 15th, but that’s clearly about to change come September 24th. Do I find myself sad? No, not at all. Am I happy about it? Eh, I’m feeling a little bit of both. Perhaps it’s more bittersweet than anything else. Why? Well, because it’s the end of one chapter and the start of another. So, tonight we’re going out the only we know how: eating. In fact, there will be lots and lots of eating. The two of us are heading to Piccolo Sogno for some of the best Italian food in Chicago. Hope you have a terrific weekend!


(On chilly afternoons, nothing warms you up faster than a cayenne mocha latte)


(Reminiscing on December’s carefree diet, which consisted of this juicy burger and its sidekick of fries) 


(Dreaming of hot days and cold coffee)

Street Signs

(Taking a different and slightly more scenic route into work) 

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