Friday Favorites


(Strolling through Old Town Scottsdale on a crystal clear morning) 

Today marks the end.

In just one short week, I’ve had to say goodbye to my sweet puppy, as well as to a company that has done so much for me throughout my career, both events which have taken me from anxious to over-the-moon elated, then back to nostalgic and even downright devastated. At the end of this emotional roller coaster, I found myself exhausted, but also truly amazed. The human heart is such a fragile thing, yet it’s strong and decisive during those times when it’s needed most. I’m now following it down a brand new road; one that hasn’t been paved yet. My dream is standing right in front of me and I finally get to take hold of it.

So, rather than deeming this post as a tribute to the end, I’ve decided to take an entirely different approach. This is the start. This is the start to an exciting chapter in my life and each of you are along for the ride, bumps and all. You might just want to buckle up!

On a side note, do any of you have big plans for Easter weekend? Andrew and I are kicking things off this evening with a celebratory happy hour, followed by some more house decor hunting and a possible bike ride along the canal. Don’t worry, a chocolate bunny will obviously come into the picture at some point.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

(A sneak peek at some of the beauty goodies I picked up at Stephanie’s – blog post coming soon)


(Admiring the intricate detailing on this new beachy top of mine)


(Found myself an ideal spot for any and all lunch breaks)


(Mackey appears be enjoying our new rug even more than us


(Discovered a distressed painting along the side of my favorite brunch spot


(A pop of color hidden amongst some thick vines) 

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