Friday Favorites

Take Out

(Really delicious, authentic Italian food is found to the right of you)

Is there a word that can sum up how elated I’ve felt over these past few days?

My best friend and other half got engaged to the man of her dreams last weekend and, in a couple of short weeks, the wedding festivities will officially be underway as I take myself back to Iowa for her big party. To say I’m overwhelmingly excited to celebrate with my family and friends is a bit of an understatement, even if it’s only for two days. Oh, and you can bet I’ll be paying a visit to my favorite restaurant for a carafe of red sangria and some delicious black and white pizza!

Until then, I’ll be venturing out to the Old Town farmer’s market for some local goodies while the weather is still decently tolerable, heading up to Sedona for a few scenic hikes with Andrew, as well as working on a handful of exciting projects for the blog.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Purple Door

(Everything about this purple, distressed door is just wonderful)


(Sorting through tangled jewelry isn’t all that bad when you’ve got a pretty peony staring at you)


(Our two fury boys soaking up the late afternoon sun)

PicMonkey Collage

(The bright blue sky matching perfectly with the bright blue font on that poster makes me weirdly happy)

Cartel Coffee

(It has fully transitioned from hot coffee weather to iced coffee weather)

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