Friday Favorites


(Homemade pizza that turned out almost as good as the original) 

When we first moved into our new apartment a few months back, I was slow to embrace the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Trust me, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but rather, because I was starting to become comfortable. I knew Old Town like the back of my hand; North Scottsdale even more so. Having lived in Arizona for almost two years now, I’ve developed my favorite coffee shops, my favorite boutiques, my favorite restaurants, my favorite trail runs, you name it. Everything has become easy and convenient.

While Andrew is back up in Chicago over the next few days, I’ll be stepping outside this bubble I’ve created. There’s a French grocery store and cafe located in downtown Phoenix that I’ve been dying to try, as well as a some art galleries and farmer’s markets out in Arcadia that are just need to be explored. Oh, and did I mention I’ll be taking a couple inches off my hair today?

It’s no secret that we humans are creatures of habit and that breaking old ones is a hard thing to do, but I’ve quickly found that doing so is always met with positive results.With that being said, I hope you all have an adventure of a weekend!


(A can of tomatoes one minute and a flower vase the next)

Collage II.jpg

(Two things that we our place desperately needed) 


(Woven stools with a whole lot of color)

Collage III.jpg

(Days by the pool call for bright beach towels and manicures) 

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