Friday Favorites: The Big Move


(A peek at my brand new jewelry box – the story behind it will be coming soon)

Happy Friday and welcome to spring!

This week’s installment of “Friday Favorites” revolves around Andrew and mine’s recent move into Old Town Scottsdale.

The new place is so beautiful, it’s so spacious, and it’s so exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, the two of us are beyond thrilled right now, but I know there are readers out there who can relate. It’s work all day, followed by work all night. Why can’t I just click my heels together, count to ten, and then open my eyes to find our place styled head to toe in Anthropolgie decor? Well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon and the quicker I learn that, the better I’ll be in the long run.

Box after box, I’m having to constantly remind myself of this. Things don’t happen over night and making an apartment a home is truly a process; a fun one at that. Even in the short week that we’ve been there, I already have some wonderful memories. On our first night, after I finished doing my excessively long happy dance, Andrew and I blew up the air mattress, covered it in a pile of blankets and Christmas lights, hopped across the street to grab a couple bottles of wine, and proceeded to veg out and watch a few of our favorite movies.

Did having the perfect bookshelf or throw rug make that memory? Not in the least. It was the man who’s stood by my side throughout this entire move and then some, even when I’m pestering him about some teeny, tiny (most likely invisible) scratch on the base molding.

That being said, I’m using this blog post as a thank you; a thank you for your undying patience and for taking me on yet another exciting adventure. Here’s to many, many more!

On a completely different note, enjoy some of the pictures I snuck in during this crazy busy week!


(Tiny tacos with a whole lot of kick)

Mission 1

(A beautiful sunset making its way over Old Town Scottsdale) 


(My fun, go-to lip color for this spring)


(Bright bouquets welcoming us on our grocery run)

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