Gilded Lace


By this point, you’ve all probably picked up on the fact that I love popping into a good boutique now and then. A couple of months ago, I paid a visit to my absolute favorite one, which just so happens to be right down the street from our new place. While perusing the sale rack, as I always do, I spotted a golden beauty hidden amongst the other jewels.

What first drew me to this unique piece was its vintage, crown-like structure. I mean, every girl deserves to wear one, right? However, it wasn’t until I tried it on and learned its story that I truly fell in love.

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This remarkable ring, crafted by Monika Knutsson in her Gilded Lace collection, is made out of French bobbin lace from the 1930’s, stitched ever so delicately, and then hand-dipped in 24K gold. As a little “why not” gift to myself, I didn’t even think twice on whether or not I should buy it. It just had to be mine and I was not about to leave the shop without it.

Lottie has quickly become an everyday staple of mine and now, whenever I glance down at my hand, she’s constantly giving me a subtle reminder. I may not be royal. I’ll never be royal. I’m actually the farthest thing from royal, but every once it awhile, it’s okay to treat yourself like you are.

So go and get that crown, skip the workout one night, and sip on some red sangria instead. You know, the one you’ve craving for what feels like forever? Oh, and while you’re at it, scoop the fruit out once you’re done.

Cheers, ladies!


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