Grandma Jane


There are many things that I’m grateful for.

Getting to speak with my Grandma Jane over the phone for the last time would have to be one of them.

This was the woman who taught me how to paint my nails like a pro, who showed me that tennis shoes could, in fact, be worn with a nightgown, who revealed to me the unrivaled deliciousness of dipping buttered toast in coffee, and who introduced me to the world of antiquing … and pickling. Sorry, Grandma. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to get behind that hobby. This same woman brought three of the most wonderful people into my life, including my very own mother, so how can this single blog post even begin to thank you for that?

Your kindness, your curiosity, your joy, and your light is something that can never be dimmed. I love you, Grandma. May you now rest in peace.

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