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The word “hub” is defined as a “central and active part or place”.

Fittingly enough, it also happens to be my favorite downtown boutique. Not only is it physically located on Central Avenue – pun intended – but it also happens to be central for all things unique. I first discovered this local gem back in the fall, but up until then had been struggling to find a store that carried the majority of my favorite designers. Being only a few blocks down the road from my office, Hub has quickly filled that void.


Whether it’s for a leisurely stroll past the jewelry counter or a just quick errand to pick up lotion, these four walls encompass everything the name stands for. It leads the charge in bringing a distinctive voice to the Phoenix fashion scene and, better yet, continues to evolve. Some of my go-to lines that they’re currently carrying would have to be Killer CollectionAesop, Genetic Denim, Janessa Leone, Catbird NYC, Imogone + Willie, and Gabriela Artigas.

If you haven’t already done so, check this place out. While you’re at it, grab a scoop of the blackberry buttermilk ice cream next door at Churn!

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