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If you can believe it, Andrew and I are moving again.

Luckily, this won’t be a cross country trek or even a cross state trek. We’ve simply outgrown our apartment in River North and are looking for more space in Lincoln Park. Like many Chicagoans, this is a neighborhood we love and, as shocking as it may seem, the extra square footage doesn’t hurt either. Let me tell you, having your closet in the hallway gets old real fast. Of course, there will certainly be things we miss. The staff at our complex have been nothing short of wonderful, not to mention the convenience of walking to work every morning. We’ve also loved our floor-to-ceiling windows that look directly out onto the water-lined dog park, as well as the dive bar just up from the street from where we live. Side note, they serve up the most delicious cheeseburgers and fries! Across from that is a home decor store that has captured my heart equally as much.

Founded in 2001 by Tony Almaguer and Steven Burgert, iD Chicago has been curating one of the most premier lifestyle showrooms in the city. Together, these two have combined their expertise in selecting the best furniture, accessories, and lighting, with both optical services and interior design consultations, into a one-stop shop for people seeking exciting experiences in life. With four moves in less than two years, I’d say Andrew and I have had some exciting experiences in life and it’s so refreshing to know there’s a store that caters to that. Every two to three months, iD Chicago undergoes a slight revamp. New pieces are brought in, while older ones get shuffled around. To be honest, I think that’s what initially drew me to this store.

Leaf Lamp

Many of our items have been inherited through family, while some have been investments. Andrew and I also have a hodgepodge of finds from the many different places we’ve lived, including Arizona, Iowa, and now Illinois. I’m sure our wedding will result in a tsunami of more things, which is yet another reason we’re searching for a larger unit, but what I’ve come to find move after move is that it’s all about adapting. The ongoing evolution of iD Chicago helped me to realize this and, even more so, create a lifestyle that most authentically enables us to live who we are.

To accomplish this feat, the store maintains exclusive agreements with both national and international designers, which keeps them at the forefront of such a highly competitive industry. Some, just to name a few, are Gus* Modern, Maison Louis Marie, Seletti, Blu Dot, Normann Copenhagen, Felt + Fat, and a variety of local artists and craftsmen. iD Chicago also gathers one-of-a-kind, antique pieces with the belief that every dwelling, big or small, should reflect the unique and interesting personality of its owners. For more than a decade, this store has done precisely that.


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