Memory Lane

Is This Heaven

Scottsdale is my town. Sioux City is my hometown. Iowa City is my college town.

This past weekend, I ventured up north to spend some quality time with my parents, which nowadays means a visit to the latter. Two years ago, my mom and dad moved to Cedar Rapids, a city located right outside the University of Iowa campus, giving me a prime opportunity to stroll down memory lane.

On Friday, my mom and I dodged the surprisingly cold and nasty weather by popping into all of my favorite coffee shops and boutiques, two establishments that robbed me of what little money I had during my college career. Of course, we had to cap off the rainy afternoon with some burgers and fries … and a cupcake, only to later be followed by live music, dancing, and a whole lot of wine. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Shorts  Molly's

Of course, Saturday was dedicated to the football game of all football games: Iowa vs. Iowa State. The three of us posted up at the best bar in the Ped Mall. Yet, the whole entire time, all I could think about were the memories; those ungodly mornings that were kickstarted with shotguns of Natural Light over the bathroom sink, the black and gold pilgrimage from my apartment to Kinnick Stadium, the collective decision to leave the game at half-time so we could beat the rush and order Pokey Sticks, and then the infamous rally to go out later that same night. That’s what college was about and getting to laugh and share all of those fun stories with my parents made them that much more special.

So, if you’re an Iowa alum like myself, or just someone who’s enjoyed Iowa City perhaps a little too much, then I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them. Win or lose, go Hawkeyes!

Game Day
Go Hawks
Ice Cream

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