New Year’s Eve


It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone.

While 2014 has its handful of hardships, it also had its many triumphs. My parents moved across the state of Iowa and Andrew and I moved across the city of Scottsdale. I switched career paths, traveled the Southwest, met some terrific people along the way, and unearthed passions I never even knew existed. Throughout this entire journey, The Stiles Files carried on. It’s been a hobby that has opened so many doors, all of which continue to amaze and surprise me, and tonight Andrew and I will be celebrating these moments the only way we know how: with good champagne and great company.

Thank you to my readers who have consistently commented, followed along, written emails, and supported this little corner of the Internet. My dreams are to make The Stiles Files even bigger and better in 2015 and I can’t wait for you to see what I have up my sleeve. See you next year!

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