My great grandma’s initials are P.S.

I always thought this was fitting given her devotion for writing letters.

Each birthday and every holiday, even days when I least expect it, there’s a beautifully crafted note waiting patiently for me in the mailbox. Over the years, I’ve stashed these cards into my nightstand, keeping them within arms reach for those moments I need them most.

Today, on her 100th birthday, I’d like to return the favor. This is my letter to you, Grandma:

Dear Grandma Pauline,

Amidst the root beer floats and slices of cake, I hope that you take a second to look around. These people, be they friends, family, or acquaintances, have all traveled here because of you. They’re here because of the way you love, Grandma; a love that is fearless, a love that is strong, a love that is unconditional. You can see it in the pictures, you can hear it in the stories, you can feel it in this very room. Each of us have been so deeply touched by you and on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Storm Lake, Iowa, we get to celebrate that. You have changed my life – our lives – in more ways than you could possibly imagine and I can only pray you spend the next 100 years realizing this.


Your Little Meggie

P.S. – Happy birthday, Grandma.

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