Pajama Party


Very rarely do I get to spend an entire afternoon lounging around in pajamas, let alone on a Thursday.

Last month, my wish was finally granted. I had the absolute pleasure of working with some of Phoenix’s best and brightest to help promote an all-natural line of skincare products. The only other thing I needed to make this experience picture perfect were flutes of champagne. Oh, wait. There was!

It’s hard to beat a day filled with tasty treats, locally-made jewelry, a whole lot of pampering, and most of all, wonderful conversation alongside fellow creatives. Don’t even get me started on Heather Kinkel’s stunning house. I mean, how can you not love that bedroom and bathroom?

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these snapshots as much as I enjoyed having them done. Read the full article on Inspired by This!

Models: Megan Stiles, Emily YeatesRennai Hoefer // Tastemaker: Jessica Helgeson // Photographer: Heather Kinkel // Hair and Makeup: Mariana Marie    Stylist: Ricki Uster // Pajamas: Splendid // Florist: Camelback Flowershop // Skincare Line: Zaaina // Paper Designer: Page and Mason // Jewelry Designer: From the Reliquary // Table Makers: Urbana // Furniture: West Elm Scottsdale // Tote: Clare Vivier

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