Planners For 2014

Planner For 2014

I’d be lying if I said a new planner doesn’t excite me. It’s almost as if the next year doesn’t actually go into effect until I write, highlight, and circle every last nook and cranny in that first month. Of course, this glorified doodle pad of mine can’t just be a standard black and white template, but rather, anything but.

So, I’ve searched high and low for a suitable planner and, if you’re anything like me, then you probably have as well. Have no fear, though! I’ve given you a head start on some of the prettiest planners out there, direct links included:

1 + 2. Sarah Pinto: Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks, spiral bound, and made in San Francisco. This planner contains three year snap shot view, monthly view, notes pages, weekly view, special days, future planning, and a telephone/address section.

3. Lilly Pulitzer: These useful and unique daily agendas make for happy planning! This hard-cover agenda is perfect to keep your daily work and personal plans organized and up-to-date or work wonderfully as an academic planner. Complete with reinforced tabs, a reinforced front pocket folder, and the signature sticker page.

4. Target: Cute and eco-friendly, all in one! This planner shows each entire month in a two-page spread, then gives you a two-page spread for each week of that month, plus ample room for notes, etc. Reviewers say the paper is great, as well as the cut-out indexed tabs which make navigating months very easy. I love this product and the whole greenroom line!

5. Kate Spade: In classic polka dots or florals, this 17-month agenda is a to-do lister’s dream come true! Full of monthly and weekly spreads, a contacts section, note pages, and laminated dividers, this fit-for-a-lady journal makes keeping tabs on your life easy breezy. Plus, the sweet sayings throughout promise to add a little motivation to the start of each new month.

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