This diamond necklace serves as a reminder; a reminder that all things can turn from nothing into something.

When I initially moved to Arizona, that’s precisely what this place meant to me: nothing. I knew very little of the area and, similar to the necklace, I was merely a collection of different pieces that had not yet forged together as one. A large part of me was still clinging on to the sheltered college life I had back in Iowa, whereas the other part of me was hungry for risk and adventure.

Over time, those lines began to blur. Countless weekends were spent exploring the many nooks and crannies this beautiful state has to offer. Shops that I always seemed to drive past quickly became my defaults. Restaurants I had never even heard of eventually became my go-to’s. Destinations only in my dreams soon became my sanctuaries. People I never intended on meeting ultimately became my family.

This isn’t just another trinket added to my jewelry box. Like me, it was made in Arizona, shaped by the elements surrounding it. What was once an assortment of odds and ends has now turned into a reminder; a reminder of the woman I was, the woman I am, and the woman I hope to become.

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